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Filomeno Mendes Pereira is originally from Cape Verde. He trained as a cook and after several stints at renowned restaurants, he specialized in fusion cuisine, concentrating in Italian and Portuguese cuisine fusion, enriched with African spices and aromas. After a lengthy stay in Algarve (Portugal), he moved to Switzerland, where he trained to become a hairdresser and subsequently opened his own hair salon. Filomeno has always been entrepreneurial and with his desire to return to a more natural life, he decided to accept a position as manager of L&F House.


Luca Vivarelli was born in Locarno (Switzerland). After graduating with a degree in Theology from the University of Fribourg, he continued his education in Paris in psychotherapy and received a diploma in sophrology and psychosynthesis. His interactions with Dr. Michel Larroche (START – www.arc-energie.com) and Dr. Kiran Schmidt (Inergetix) opened up new horizons for him in psychotherapy.

He works at his studio in Ascona (Switzerland), but he is often abroad for conferences, consultations and continuing education. In the course of his lengthy professional career, Luca has developed a considerable capacity for psychological and spiritual reception toward those who have a profound necessity for empathy. He has worked at the palliative care unit of IOSI (Switzerland) as a spiritual assistant.


We have both been Ringana Partners for years. Ringana is a symbol of excellence for fresh and natural products.

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