Our philosophy


Well-being is not only attainable through the philosophy of “mens sana in corpore sano” but it also derives from the search for one’s own spiritual and energetic center of gravity, from the strengthening of one’s awareness and from the restoration of a deep bond with nature, which is possible when we reconnect with our roots.

At L&F House we strive to apply a deeper meaning to hospitality, highly professional, and at the same time filled with empathy, perfect for travelers who are looking for a reinvigorating break from their daily routine.   Our hospitality is Five Star quality, yet with the sensation of having finally returned home.

The environment and ambience which surround us are equally important in helping us reach a state of well-being. After a long search we found an enchanting, reinvigorating locale, where our guests can recharge their batteries and find themselves anew. Our oasis of peace and tranquility is immersed in nature, surrounded by orange groves and replete with the intense scents of Algarve. The climate is pleasant year-round. Our guests will feel welcomed and pampered.

Our food is all local and entirely natural. Our vegetable garden is a generous source of vitamins and minerals at zero food kilometers. In every dish, which we prepare with care and passion, you will find dreamy scents and aromas that will take you back in time.

In this tranquil and private place, far from daily stress, you will be free to do whatever you please: reading under the shade of maritime pines or a refreshing swim in the pool, a moment of meditation or the inebriating discovery of the Lusitanian countryside and its colorful marine cliffs.

In order to encourage beneficial activities for the body and mind and to guarantee a complete detachment from everyday life, none of our rooms are furnished with television sets.

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